Take me Home

Behind every passion is an artist – in every hand of an artist a tool of passion

Landhaus Cookware

Born of the idea that premium cookware needn’t be exorbitantly expensive, Landhaus cookware is the best you can get for any application

Start Looking Forward to Cooking

At the heart of every passion is a vision and behind every artist is a set of beloved tools. Honed for the craft, you’re going to love cooking with Landhaus cast iron. We know because it’s all that we cook with.

Unlock your Potential

Finely crafted cookware is consistent and reliable – with our cookware you can now afford to experience what it’s like to have full control of your cooking.

High Heat Tolerance

Good up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit, Landhaus Cast Iron products can be used with any heating source: in the oven, or on gas, electric, or induction stovetops.

Limetime Guarantee

Our product is top-of-the-line, so we stand by it.
Our product is manufactured to be free of defects – that means that if any problems occur with your cookware, we’ll replace it free-of-charge.

Food Safe

It’s uncertain whether cooking with raw cast-iron poses a health risk. We decided to make it easy and coat the interior and exterior of all of our products with a food-friendly, glass-fired enamel glaze.

Made with Love

The hands that knead the dough, the waves of laughter coming from a near-by room, the metallic symphony of sounds coming from the kitchen. Home is where love meets passion. We love quality tools, and we’re passionate about cooking; some would say we’ve found our home bringing you, our family, fine cookware.