Landhaus – Enameled Cast Iron – 5 Quart Braiser (Merlot)

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  •    5.4 Quart / 5.1 Liter Capacity
  •    Four-Layer, Glass-Fired Enamel Coated
  •    Cream-Enameled, Non-Stick Interior
  •    Food-Safe Enameled Cast Iron
  •    Weight: 14 Lbs. 7oz.
  •    Dimensions: 15.25″ x 12.5″ x 6″

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Braising is comprised of two parts: searing with a small amount of oil or butter and then cooking for a longer period of time in liquid with a cover.

A braiser is a specialty cooking tool designed just for that – low and wide enough to make searing bigger pieces of meat easy and just tall enough to add a small amount of liquid. Strogonoff here I come!

When painstakingly crafting homemade meals your tools should perform as well as you do. Cast Iron is not only beautiful – it is an excellent cooking material. Thanks to its superior heat dispersion, one needn’t worry about hot spots when pre-heating the pot or pan.

Traditionally, cast iron is made raw and then seasoned; however, there is risk of trace amounts of iron leaching food during the cooking process.

Our Flexible, Glass Fired Enamel Coating ensures that our cast iron is food safe for life with no chance of leaching unwanted materials.

1 review for Landhaus – Enameled Cast Iron – 5 Quart Braiser (Merlot)

  1. Babykitty

    This piece is so very beautiful. I named her Greta. I told my daughter it was her new sister. For Greta’s first dish, I made Emeril’s braised chicken thighs. I can’t believe how tender and buttery it came out. The two sliced up onions melted into a beautiful sauce. All thanks this beautiful, elegant piece of cookware. Le Crueset was beyond expensive, and this piece touts 4 layers of the enamel. Most others in this price range only had 2 or 3 layers. I can only guess that is why they chip more easily. My only wish is that they had a larger variety of sizes and maybe an off white color available. Speaking of color, white/off white was what I was really looking for. Due to quality, I chose this piece. The shade of red, especially with the gold knob, is just stunning. After seeing Greta sitting on my stove top, I realized that the color was perfect. It’s a dimensional candied apple red/burgundy. She’s such a show-off!

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